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Wickerson Studios Web Design and Animation: Responsive web design for mobile devices, custom WordPress design and development, jQuery and After Effects animation, banners ads, HTML emails, Search Engine Optimization, and custom e-commerce websites.

WordPress-powered content management systems

Using WordPress as a content management system is a customizable and easy-to-use option limited only by the imagination, and friendly with search engines.

jQuery aniamtion

jQuery is a versatile cross-platform Javasript library I use regularily in websites and animations to add interest and user-interaction.

HTML5 and CCS3 semantics

It is important to use the lastest HTML5 elements and CSS3 language to create engaging designs while always considering browser compatibility.

Custom BigCommerce Web Sites

Bigcommerce offers a fully customizable securly hosted e-commerce solution including features such as built-in marketing, customer lists, SEO, and analytics.

Responsive Web Design

Every webpage requires special crafting to optimize viewing experiences across a range of devices without the unreliable use of browser/device detection.

Web Hosting Provider

Offering fast, reliable web hosting with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, cPanel access, domain registration, and free set-up/transfer for $15/month.

Crafting web design with attention to user experience, developing web pages with forward-thinking logic, and a focusing on getting you a return on your investment.


Beth Wickerson is the co-founder of Wickerson Studios, a creative partnership that combines the virtual reality of a web design studio with the materiality of an outdoor sculpture yard. Beth's focus is on web design with new technologies to create responsive designs for both mobile and desktop, custom WordPress template design and content management, jQuery animation, photo retouching, search engine optimization, e-commerce, banner ads and HTML emails. Working in programming languages such as HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, and PHP, Wickerson Studios has a wide range of capabilities to complete your web project needs.

Beth has been working full time as a web designer since 2006, and has been a business owner since 2003. After completing her BFA with a Double Major in Photography/New Media and Art History, Beth co-founded and co-directed the Beth Allison Gallery in the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center of Kansas City for the following three years. Focused primarily on installation art, the gallery gave local and international artists the opportunity to show non-commercial artworks. The Beth Allison Gallery was publicized over 27 times in magazines and newspapers across the globe.

Beth also served on the Executive Board of the Freelance Exchange of Kansas City for three consecutive years, and works to be a long lasting and reliable asset for her clients. By creating websites that are visually engaging and use forward thinking logic with SEO to get a return on your investment, your website can meet your business needs for years to come.


Tell me about your project, and I'll respond with a detailed estimate.


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